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Electric charging facility

The use of electromobility should also reduce transport-related energy consumption for trade fair customers as well as for Messe Erfurt's own fleet of vehicles. Messe Erfurt wishes to support the national climate goal of having one million electric cars on the roads by 2020 and, in cooperation with Erfurt's works department and has installed its own charging station with 4 charging points on the trade fair premises in July 2014. The station is placed at the first row at parking space East and is available to all e-car owners.

Specifications of the charging station:
•    type: Sitraffic EPOS-I by Siemens
•    4 sockets ( 2x 400 V CEE sockets, 2 x 230 V Schuko sockets)

Benefits for visitors of events of Messe Erfurt:
•    parking free of charge during events of Messe Erfurt
•    charging free of charge (Messe Erfurt obtains exclusively green electricity 
      since 2013.)
•    free admission (including one accompanying person) during all events
      organized by Messe Erfurt.

Please contact the information center (open 24 hours) at the administration entrance for further information. Here you will receive a card authorizing the charging of your e-car.

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